Saturday, 1 November 2008

Personalised nurse and chef wedding cake toppers, handcrafted from fimo.

These are some of my favourite toppers, made recently for a chef and a nurse. I worked from a description for these as photographs were not available. It was unusual to have the nurse in a check dress, but the bride said this is the uniform she wore when she met her groom to be. The chef's hat was quite tricky - I moulded it on the end of a whisk handle and then collapsed it a bit to make it look slightly floppy. The check fabric took some doing too - I used a millefiori technique of layering and stretching a cane, then slicing it and blending the slices together. Well worth the effort though. The groom is holding a tenderiser that I sourced from a dolls house miniature company. I like to add different mediums and textures whenever I can.

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christal chandler said...

I am looking for a chef/ nurse wedding cake topper. If you can accommodate please email me at Thank you!