Wednesday, 18 March 2009

snooker cake topper

snooker and cake loving gent for a birthday cake topper

RAF wedding toppers

RAF Groom and bride topper for a wedding cake, using swarovski crystals and gems.

policeman and nurse topper

A wedding cake topper for a policeman and his nurse bride :)

family wedding cake topper with dog

A wedding topper which incorporated the couple's little girl and dog.

RAF bride and groom

Wedding cake toppers created for an RAF groom and his bride

cockerel birthday topper

A topper for a birthday cake :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Linedancer model, designed for use as a grave marker. She is going to be placed inside a bell jar to keep her safe from the elements.

Disco Diva styled on Frida from Abba in the birthday girl's own outfit, holding a disco ball

Snooker and cake loving grandad cake topper:

Military groom and his beautiful bride:

A midwife topper for a birthday cake:

policeman and his dog cake topper

A cake topper made recently for a birthday cake. This policeman and his dog were created from photos and descriptions. Went down really well and I had a lovely comment from the buyer on my website here: Having feedback like that always makes it worthwhile because they take a long time to make.

pirates of the caribbean cake topper

Time to get some of my toppers out here! I have been so busy crafting that I haven't had any time at all to blog or even read anybody elses.

This chap is a pirate themed cake topper, based on the pirates of the caribbean character played by Johnny Depp, tweaked to wear a coat owned by the birthday boy. I really enjoyed making this one - It was a lovely change from the usual. :)

Please help our fellow blogger Sahm

Reading my friend Juliet's blog at I came across a terrible story! Visit to read the full details... Please help Sahm as I can only imagine how awful that would be! Was my visit to the talented scrappers blog and I lost a good half an hour in it - well worth a visit :)