Friday, 31 October 2008

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Welcome to my new adventure...

Well here I am, finally embarking on the blog bus. Have never blogged before so this is quite an adventure... My name is Nikki, I am based in the North East of England, and have recently taken the decision to be a 'stay at home / work at home' mum to my 2 children.
I produce cake toppers which I sell online and in craft fairs around the North East. I am kept very busy but I love it!
This bike crazy couple is an example of the work I produce. These toppers are handcrafted from polymer clay, each personalised to my customers' exact requirements. I like to work from photographs, and for me, the fun is in the detail. This couple required a Honda Blackbird motorbike with them on the top tier of their wedding cake. The bike was quite a challenge but great fun - I used liquid fimo to mould the visor at the front and tin foil for the mirrors. I used sewing machine bobbins in the wheels to give them a lovely shiny appearance.
Pin strip trousers took some working out initially but now I find them a lot easier! The bride is carrying lillies with little jewels at their centre.
I hope to be able to use this blog to show you my new work and also give some tips and ideas if you, like me, enjoy modelling with clay. There are many more examples at my website of wedding toppers, and also christening and other celebration toppers.