Thursday, 13 November 2008

Meet my latest wedding cake toppers! This pair are made by hand from my buyer's descriptions and photographs. Great fun to make. I used a cotton reel that I bought at just the right size for the paint can. I unwound the cotton and wrapped a thin sheet of fimo around it, before adding a paint can label and handle. It has a trickle of paint leaking from it.

I had a trauma when making these! I was mortified when I finished the bride to see that I had given her a vertical striped top instead of horizontal (as requested - instructions were VERY precise) so had to do her top half again! Was bemoaning the fact to hubby who came over and helpfully pointed at the remaining striped clay I had left, and in doing so knocked my unbaked painter off the table!! So he had to be done again too cos he ended up coated in carpet fluff. Oh I was not a happy bunny! But I shouted so much at him I ended up laughing my head off cos its so unlike me and so ridiculous a reason to fall out. The second version was better anyway!

Had a lovely afternoon making this pair. My next pair (which I plan to make tomorrow) poses less of a challenge. But I have just been asked to quote for a bride and groom on horseback... Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsHey - life would be boring without such stretches on our creativity!!


julietk said...

You made them great after all the mishaps. "on Horseback" :-O can't wait to see that one.

maggiepatch said...

I am waiting with bated breath to see it too!

DebsCraft said...

The painters look great Nikki! Love them and well worth all the fussing :o) Can't wait to see the ones on horse back either! x