Sunday, 30 November 2008

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Meet my latest wedding cake toppers! This pair are made by hand from my buyer's descriptions and photographs. Great fun to make. I used a cotton reel that I bought at just the right size for the paint can. I unwound the cotton and wrapped a thin sheet of fimo around it, before adding a paint can label and handle. It has a trickle of paint leaking from it.

I had a trauma when making these! I was mortified when I finished the bride to see that I had given her a vertical striped top instead of horizontal (as requested - instructions were VERY precise) so had to do her top half again! Was bemoaning the fact to hubby who came over and helpfully pointed at the remaining striped clay I had left, and in doing so knocked my unbaked painter off the table!! So he had to be done again too cos he ended up coated in carpet fluff. Oh I was not a happy bunny! But I shouted so much at him I ended up laughing my head off cos its so unlike me and so ridiculous a reason to fall out. The second version was better anyway!

Had a lovely afternoon making this pair. My next pair (which I plan to make tomorrow) poses less of a challenge. But I have just been asked to quote for a bride and groom on horseback... Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsHey - life would be boring without such stretches on our creativity!!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Wedding Cake toppers that 'saved the day'

This was one of my first pairs of wedding toppers. The couple had been let down by their original topper maker just a week before the big day, so I had to get busy straight away with these, to get them made in one evening! I worked from photographs and was really happy with the result. The bride has a textured bodice and a layered skirt. The groom has very short cropped hair, so I used teeny tiny beads instead of extruding clay for his hair. The flowers were great fun to make. Here they are pictured on the cake with their relieved owners!

Golfer groom wedding cake toppers

These toppers flew all the way to Sardinia for the big day. The groom was a keen golfer and so is carrying his golf bag and clubs, ready to escape to the course after his vows. The bride has a little jewelled detailed band around her waist. I worked from a description and also photographs of the couple. The golf clubs were sourced from a dolls house miniatures company - which reminds me. I must get some more! The flowers are simple but have little jewels to add sparkle at their centre.

Personalised nurse and chef wedding cake toppers, handcrafted from fimo.

These are some of my favourite toppers, made recently for a chef and a nurse. I worked from a description for these as photographs were not available. It was unusual to have the nurse in a check dress, but the bride said this is the uniform she wore when she met her groom to be. The chef's hat was quite tricky - I moulded it on the end of a whisk handle and then collapsed it a bit to make it look slightly floppy. The check fabric took some doing too - I used a millefiori technique of layering and stretching a cane, then slicing it and blending the slices together. Well worth the effort though. The groom is holding a tenderiser that I sourced from a dolls house miniature company. I like to add different mediums and textures whenever I can.

Manchester United fans football wedding cake toppers

These toppers were made for two Manchester United football fans. Although the bride wanted to be shown wearing her dress (there is a red train on the back with gold detailing), she wanted to wear a shirt over the top. The groom is also wearing his beloved shirt. The bride and groom have their names on the back. This bride wasn't sure exactly how her bouquet would turn out - she asked her florist to surprise her with something big and christmassy. I have included poinsetta, holly, mistletoe and berries into this bouquet and also some little metallic gold twists. I enjoy making the little flowers and arranging them.